Bernd Winterschladen

…plays the tenor, baritone and alto saxophone as well as bass clarinet. He manages to combine traditionalism and freestyle in a manner that makes him a very sought after musician. As a result he plays in numerous groups, such as the Cologne legends “The Piano Has Been Drinking”, as well as a with the pianist Frank Mendel, and with Gerd Köster and “Trance Groove”. In addition, he has contributed to numerous record, theatre and television productions.

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Bielefeld-Einschlingen, Bildungsstätte,

Bläser-Workshop, verschoben auf 9. - 12.Juni 2022

Dormagen Zons, Nordhalle

Zonser Hörspieltage 2020 - Preisverleihung

Brühl, Max Ernst Museum "Dialogo animal"

Neujahrskonzert in der Ausstellung "Surreale Tierwesen"

Karten: und Museumskasse